Transformative Thursdays: You Can’t Steal My Joy

Joy is a mental attitude that chooses to rejoice even in the hardest of circumstances.  It seeks to always find the good or the God in a situation.  Joy chooses to find the positive and rehearse that rather than mull over the negative.  Joy is a choice.  Because life is not always “good” to us nor does it always bring about euphoric feelings.  However, we can choose joy because we know God is working everything out for our good.  Yes, bad things enter our lives, but we choose our response and our frame of mind. Our mindset becomes: you can try…but I refuse to let you steal my joy!

Being joyful takes discipline.  It is a constant process of finding the good in everything.  Our mind naturally wants to go to the negative situation—who hurt us, what kept us from moving forward, what she said, what our spouse didn’t do, how unfair the teacher was—but our response will determine if and when we move forward in life.  Moving forward always brings about something better if we can get past the initial hurt, rejection, bitterness, sadness, or envy.

Next time, you’re faced with a difficult situation, choose joy and see how much better you feel.  Yes, it takes practice but you can cultivate a mindset of joy and it gets easier.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)

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