I AM SO EXCITED!!!  Why?  I am so glad that you asked.  I will reach the wonderful age of 50 in a few weeks, Lord willing.   A Quinquagenarian.  Now, let’s say it all together. . . . DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT!!!!

Some folks, especially some females, panic and even become depressed when they reach the age of 50.  Some folks even resort to lying about their age.  SHAMEFUL!! But true.  They are just looking at this magical age the wrong way.  You see, 50 graduates you to a level in the financial sector that brings relief (no matter how small) to the wallet.  I am looking forward to my 10% discounts at restaurants, retail stores, travel agencies, theme parks, cruise ships, and even gyms.  Hey, when I reach 55, I can join Silver Sneakers where I won’t have to pay ANYTHING for certain amenities.  A reward for aging so to speak.  Fine with me.  EVERY PENNY COUNTS!  Oh, did I mention car rental discounts too?

When I was 40, I began to notice physical and emotional changes.  Yes, I gained weight, and had a few more lines here and there around the eyes and lips but my mindset was and still is one of being extremely grateful.  Sure, the body moves a little slower and the mind may not be as sharp as it once was before 40, but there are so many more pros than cons to aging.  Hey, did I mention that you can join AARP at 50 and get even MORE discounts?  Yes, I have been doing my research people for a long time.  Preparation people is important.

My family has been blessed with longevity.   My grandparents on my mother’s side were octogenarians.   My mother and father were octogenarians too. My father’s mother was a septuagenarian  My mother’s sister is a nonagenarian. The remaining siblings on my father’s side are septuagenarians.  Trusting God, and with a healthy lifestyle, I hope to wear the title of Centenarian one day.  Oh, the stories I will be able to tell then.

Can you tell  that I have been looking forward to this for a long time?  I am all excitement.  No, I have not decided HOW I will celebrate my big day but I am opened to suggestions.  You only turn 50 once.  I want to make it a memorial one. Maybe I’ll buy a nice camera.

Appreciate your past, present, and your future.  Have a fabulous FUNKADELIC FRIDAY.

~~~Malinda Gwyn ~~~

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