Therapeutic Tuesdays: Coming of Age??

Yet another challenge that has me stumped. Our fearless leader has really been hitting us the last couple of weeks, and while last week I couldn’t identify with the challenge, I wish that I could. This week is just hard to even think of anything. Wait, that’s not true. Identifying a coming of age moment in life is hard because there are many moments in every life. There are many types of moments held within those many moments. They affect different aspects of life as well. So I wonder if a more apt description would be “comings-of-age” moments. I have had many, and I continue to have them, because it only seems right.

I came of age as a man looking for a career. I figured out that life was not about the money that could be made, but the lives that could be touched. Yeah, God gave me a firm hand in that direction, but I still had to yield and follow His direction.

I came of age as a minister. I figured out that ministry was not about TBN, big churches, colorful suits, and fiery sermons. It is about being transparent. Being human. Making mistakes. Loving people. Being one of the crowd, while also leading the crowd into a better understanding of the great Lover of our souls. This one took a little longer to sink in. Ambition left unchecked, is the enemy of true progress.

I came of age as a husband. I learned that every form of communication is not true communication. I learned that trust is not easy. I learned that every few years, things will happen that strain the relationship, but true communication and real trust sustain everything. I learned how to love my wife as a man.

I came of age as a father. I learned that I had to be willing to do whatever I could to bring something home to feed my family, even if it was just working at Walgreens as a man with an MBA, while I followed God’s voice and will for my life. I learned that I had to love each child differently, but also the same.

I came of age as a man. I learned that manhood is hard. The education is never complete. What society teaches is wrong. It is okay to cry, to not have the answers. It is ok to lead differently. it is normal to doubt yourself.

All of these becomings are still shaping every day of my life.


What about yours?

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