What’s Happening Wednesdays: My Inheritance

imageA good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.  Proverbs 13:22i

I was a young teenager when both my grandfathers died.  They died within a year or two of each other.  Neither of them were wealthy.  (The one house that was passed down held enough bad memories that none of us were sad when it was torn down.) Neither held advanced degrees.  And neither would be in the running for husband or father of the year.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t loved and respected in their respective circles.  Both served in the armed forces,  and looked mighty spiffy in their military uniforms.  They both had active social lives and lots of lady friends.

My memories of both grandfathers are centered around good times.  There were lots of laughs and good food.  There were no life lessons on fiscal responsibility, or civic engagement… Just two old men who lived their lives the way they wanted.  They didn’t care what anybody thought of their choices.  Their choices, ultimately caught up with them.  But those two characters enjoyed the time that they could.  Lord, let that be the inheritance I receive.

Mama Radford

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