Mellow Mondays: A Grandfather’s Love

This is by far my favorite challenge in our writer’s group.  We have been challenged to write about our grandfathers.  I can talk about Adam Mitchell, Jr all day long.  This gentle blue eyed giant was the pillar of strength for our family.  He was hard working man who loved his family dearly and spoiled his grands rotten.

I remember growing up my Paw Paw and I had a standing date on Sunday mornings before I went to church.  He would bring McDonald’s breakfast to my house and we would sit and talk.  My mom fussed at me every week because I would open the door without her permission.  But I knew who was there so in my mind I didn’t need to wake her up. Or how he would get off work on Fridays and pick up for the weekend.  I could sit in his lap for hours in the brown recliner watching cartoons and talking about my day.

My time with my Paw Paw was short.  He passed away when I was eight years old of a massive stroke.  But the time that I spent with him was so impactful.  I remember a man who worked tirelessly so his wife could live comfortably.  I remember a man who challenged his kids to do better in life. I remember a man who loved Folgers coffee. I remember a man who taught the me the definition of love.


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