Sundays with Stassi: I never imagined I could do… ACTING – part 1

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I never imagined I could do…ACTING!!!
I have never been afraid of performing in front of people since I grew up dancing, cheerleading & playing softball. I have even given speeches before…as Valedictorian of my High School class, President of the Honor Society, and various academic presentations throughout the years. In fact, class lecturing is really just another performance in front of my students. However with all of these experiences, I’m either not talking or have notes available to assist me, but theater is different! I actually have to memorize everything I have to say and portray the correct nonverbal gestures like facial expressions and body movement on cue.
A few months ago I was minding my business walking to the parking lot to go home from work. This guy walks out of a door to the campus theater, which I pass by everyday, and stops me. He says, “Hey you…Are you an actor?” Of course I laugh with a prominent NO for a response, but then he explained that he was searching for someone to play the role of a 35 year old lawyer’s wife with 3 kids. My SNK (single, No kids) self laughs even more…but he convinced me to read for the role. It’s amazing how the entire cast and director was excited when I read as they explained how the role fit me like a glove.
Fast forward to this week…Thursday’s Opening Night of the 25th Anniversary production of HEAVEN, written & directed by David Edgecomb…and I honestly can’t believe all of the great feedback and buzz based on our performances. I’m so glad that I stepped way out of my comfort zone and agreed to the role. It has been such an exciting and informing educational experience for me. I have some veteran actors surrounding me who have taught me so much in my short “acting” career! This learning opportunity is such a difference from my scientific training. I enjoy THE ARTS and being a part of the performing arts has definitely allowed me to exercise the creative portions of my brain. I know I need to incorporate more creative activities to infuse the arts into my life daily.


Stassi Nicole aka Dilys

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