Ask Dr. Marta Weekly – April 2nd



DESCRIPTION: A story of transformation as a Lakota boy experiences and grows through the rich traditions and cultural mandates required in the rites of passage into manhood.  

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: It is not often that we are privileged to experience the rhythm of life within the great houses of our Native Peoples. This story of a young Lakota boy gives us a window into the proud and majestic heritage of a nation who reigned over the American landscape long before the first settlers from Europe. The depiction of a father’s love and a son’s conviction to except the challenge of becoming a warrior provide important lessons in family ties, community and mentorship. The authentic text is gives voice to the power and passion within the young protagonist. An appreciation for the natural world and all her benefits are presented in graphic detail through colorful and compelling illustrations. A Lakota Story is a must read for anyone who believes in family love, traditions, responsibility and the limitless possibilities of the human spirit.

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