If I had to leave the country of my birth this week never to return what would I do? Where would I go? How would I feel?

After completing my blog, I sat, proofread it, then pressed delete.  Have you ever ‘overthought’ a question?  Well, I did and what I wrote could have fertilized an entire field.  This is a question that many Americans are asking themselves in light of the strong possibility that Donald Trump might become President of the United States.  Many U.S. citizens are afraid for their futures.  Many countries are either laughing at the U.S. or are fearful for their futures because their economic futures are tied up with our economy. 

If I had to leave this country suddenly, never to return, I do believe that I  would move to Canada.  The love and appreciation for the freedom and rights that I have for and in the United States are great.  In Canada, I feel that those freedoms and rights would still exist.  Also, living in Canada would allow me to be near family and friends. Should they decide to stay in the U.S.,  they could come visit me.

Feelings of fear of the unknown with a combination of excitement and wonder would describe my emotional state.  Sadness would also be in that mixture of conflicted emotions.  The knowledge of never being able to return to the only country that I know because of a man who hates ANYBODY who is not like him angers me.  The reality that he could start a nuclear war simply because he does not like another country or their leadership is frightening.  What’s even more frightening are the thousands of people who are following and supporting this racist.  Trump has given every extreme hate group in the United Stated a free pass to hurt people without consequence.  The media has built up his campaign, whether they will admit it or not.  Sensationalism and hatred sells news and unfortunately the U.S. media is benefiting greatly.

There is no question that I would miss my country but I could not live somewhere that I no longer felt safe.  I realize that ‘utopia’ does not exist and there are problems in Canada as well.  For now, I will continue to ‘watch and pray’ to one who REALLY holds my future and my hand.  Have a great  FUNKADELIC FRIDAY.

~ Malinda Gwyn



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