outside cathedralDuring the eighteen hundreds in the southern states, it was unlawful for slaves to hold worship services in a building for fear of planning an uprising.  On some of the plantation, who allowed slave services, they were allowed to hold their services in what one could call an “outside cathedral.”  This picture makes me think of the very place that would be ideal for “slave services.”

I believe that for a slave, after a long week of planting, carrying, burying, stretching, rolling, dredging, plowing,  beating, and being raped, this would be the sort of place a slave could go to be free for just a little while.  The quiet whisper of the wind sliding through the trees blowing away the burdensome thoughts of what was, is, and was to come  The tranquility of the calm lake in contrast to the powerful water fall that gently breaks where they, the falls and the lake, meet.  The comforting shelter of the towering trees standing guard so that, if for just a few seconds, the slaves could know what it feels like not to be afraid.  In this sanctuary of serenity, a slave would be the individual loved and appreciated by their creator and comforted by His spirit as they question the conditions in which they live.  Yes, for a few short seconds someone who has been treated inhumanely could feel and be HUMAN.

We are blessed.  Have a fabulous Funkadelic Friday!


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