Mellow Mondays: The Comparison Trap


We are all guilty of it. For some of us its occurs daily. COMPARISON. We all compare ourselves to some person we see daily or on television. I know I am guilty of the Comparison trap. I often find myself asking questions on why I don’t have this, why don’t I live a certain type of life, or will I have that type of relationship my friend has.

One has to remember that the Comparison trap is the work of the enemy. We must all remember to stay in our lanes. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side is a set up for your own personal failures. I have family members all the time ask my why haven’t I done certain things in my life. Being ask that question can take on toll on your self worth. You begin to question your state of being, your successes and even your failures.

Your life plays out in the order God wants it to. We all have lessons to learn in order to become a better person. And in order to help someone who crosses our path. I am truly thankful for friends in my life who do not allow me to have a pity party. I am learning everyday not to compare myself to other around me. I am uniquely different and what I have to offer will make a difference in someone’s life.

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