Sundays with Stassi: A Colorful Growth-Happy 18th Zakia

Dear Zakia,
      The whimsical colorful nature of this picture reminds me of the growth that I have seen in you, my oldest niece. You have truly become your own person over these 18 years of your existence. Like flowers burst with color, I have seen you blossom into a beautiful young lady full of life and fun. The rolling hills symbolize those terrible teen mood swings & major attitude problems that we have had to endure on this journey of maturity, but I’m soooo happy that we are beyond those times. The hills beyond the horizon represent the ups and downs of adulthood that you will surely face through this life’s journey, but I hope during those times you will always remember God’s Words hidden in your heart.
     During these last few years, you have been my rock, my G, my Girl! You have shown up when I’ve least expected it to be my support when I needed someone around. For my last couple of surgeries you have been my personal nurse, driver, and have even packed my belongs for me to move a couple of times. However, I think my most prized accomplishment is getting you to step outside of your comfort zone…
     I am so proud to look at you and see you being comfortable in your own skin. Even deciding to “rock yo ‘fro” for this year’s county pageant made me proud. But most of all, I remember the little girl who would whine about having to eat “real” food. The girl who said “I don’t eat vegetables!” but then single-handedly demolished my kale chips and say “But those ain’t vegetables!!” The girl who now will try ANY kind of food that I give you and even LOVES to eat Ethiopian food.
     Just like this picture is never-ending, I sincerely hope that I have helped you to see that your future is  limitless. It is what you make of it. Aim high to reach your passion & continue to color the world with your personality!
Welcome into Adulthood…but you ain’t grown yet…
Happy 18th Birthday!
Auntie Stassi Nicole

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