The Hunt for Good Children’s Books – Part 17

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DESCRIPTION: The incredible life story of a poor, African American, girl from St. Louis who grew up to become the one of the most acclaimed and honored international superstars and freedom fighters of all time.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: The life of Josephine Baker is so large it is impossible to contain in a single volume. However, Powell has accomplished a momentous task by compiling many of the pivotal moments in Baker’s life into a delicious feast of a story. From humble beginnings we witness the drive, ambition and tenacity of a young woman without education or backing who seized the opportunities in minstrel world to escape and build a life that was going somewhere great. Untrained as a dancer or singer Josephine used her creativity and daring to make a name for herself and win the hearts of audiences around the nation and the world. She would grow her brand into something elegant, exceptional and show stopping. Her instincts on the stage would bring phenomenal success and acceptance outside the country of her birth that she’d longed for at home in the cruel days of segregation. Robinson captures the energy, vivacity and gaiety that signified Josephine’s love affair with her audience from her street dancing days in St. Louis to her final appearances in her beloved Paris. You’ll also get a glimpse of Josephine’s fighting spirit in the life long battle she waged for freedom and equality at home and abroad. Drink deeply of the essence that was this remarkable woman and savor her amazing legacy that lives on to fire our hearts and spirits today!

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