FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: On The Path To Somewhere

There is a line from a movie I watch frequently and it says, “You keep your head down and you hustle and you hustle and then one day when you look up you wonder. . . how did I get here?”  Are you traveling on the path to somewhere simply to arrive at that location not having a clue how you arrived?  What do I mean?  I am glad you asked.

We are a driven race.  The human being is a creature that, if consumed with a goal, will do anything to attain that goal.  The desire to set and fulfill goals is a wonderful characteristic to possess.  However, if you don’t pay attention to the things along the journey that either helps or hinders  your progress . . .. WHAT IS THE POINT?  How can you give advice to anyone else who may have a similar dream?  A part of the reward of reaching a goal is the struggle that one goes through to reach it.  Just like the one in the  picture above, MANY of us travel on this path alone.  We have to make decisions along the way, some of which may be uncomfortable ones.  When we make them, are we making certain that there are no casualties along the way?  Have we risked our husbands, wives, children, relationships, in order to reach that goal?  Do you want your life to be like Ebenezer Scrooge?  I don’t.

Becoming a published author is a goal that I have set and I am beginning to move that dream from abstract to concrete.  I realize that I must pay attention to all that is around me on my path to somewhere.  I must notice the beauty as well as the ugliness that surrounds me.  If I am wise as I observe, I will see that there is so much material that I can use in my stories.  I must recognize and appreciate those I meet along the path to somewhere and remember the interactions, whether comfortable or uncomfortable.

This path to somewhere is one that can nurture and nourish our dreams if we pay attention to the things ALL around us as we travel to reach our goals.  Stories are limited when looking at the ground but adventures abound as we look around on this path to somewhere.  Have a fabulous FUNKADELIC FRIDAY!!!

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