The Picture Challenge

It’s Monday.  For many people Monday’s can be a challenge.  You are saying goodbye to the weekend.  You have to get up for work and be a productive citizen of the world.  And let’s add in the time change that occurred this weekend.  I missed that hour of sleep.

Now on to the picture challenge. When I first saw this picture I thought of peace.  It’s amazing how nature can bring calmness to a person.  I remember the first time I walked on a beach.  I was in awe of the sand going in between my toes. Of the color of the water. Of the waves crashing.   Now I don’t swim so  I didn’t venture out in the water too much.  I plan to see the beach this summer.  But for now I will enjoy looking at this picture and let my imagination of calmness take over.

Happy Monday!!!!


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