Why is it so hard to see a dream come true? Why are there people in this world who will do anything to block the dreams and desires of another who wants to  move beyond their present reality?  Some may say it is jealousy.  Some may  say “misery loves company.”  Some may call it ignorance or shear meanness.  Whatever the reason, it makes my heart heavy to see how divided the human race can be when we should be doing ALL that we can to make each others dreams come true.  Oh yes, many people come to the aide of those sick and dying individuals in order to grant life ending wishes, but THAT is not what I am talking about.  What about those who set goals to become a writers, authors, singers, dancers, producers, farmers, designers, chefs, or whatever? Who do you know has a dream that you can aide in becoming a reality? What are YOU doing to help someone make their dream a reality?

I have, for as long as I can remember, wanted to be an author.  I told my niece about this dream and she helped me to move this dream from abstract to concrete.  I have been a part of The Write Addiction since its’ inception and I LOVE IT!.  She is not only helping me to fulfill a dream, but she is helping SO MANY others.  Again, I ask. . . what are YOU doing to help someone make their dream a reality?

There are two amazing women who have recently become a major part of my life and I have the good fortune of helping them make their dreams realities.  I am giving a “handup.”  No they are not destitute or poor.  They are two extremely intelligent women who can use the skills that I have to offer.  In turn, they are providing me with the use of their skills that are taking my dreams of writing to another level.  This year we are launching THREE new businesses.  As one of these dear ladies says, “I am all excitement.”

Think about your life and what you are doing with it.  Whose dreams  are you helping to move from being  abstract to concrete?  It’s a great feeling.    Give somebody and “handup.”  When you do, you will definitely have a FUNKADELIC FRIDAY.



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