The Haiku Challenge

This past weekend was super busy and my mind has been racing on what to blog about today.  Usually the idea comes fairly easy and my post is ready to go at 8:00 am on Monday morning.  Unfortunately that did not happen this week.  Now enters the challenge from our fearless leader Marta…….a haiku.  So I had a good case of the side of eye when I saw this challenge.  Poetry is not my thing.  I actually surprised at myself for blogging.  But as a good follower I will accept the Haiku challenge with a smile 🙂

Title:  The Longing

I long to seek you
I long for your sweet presence
I long for your love

In the quietness
I yearn for your strength and grace
I seek fulfillment

As I have found you
I marvel at your wonder
and I grow in awe

I will keep looking
For being with you grows me
And life becomes sweet

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