Transformative Thursdays: Going Back to the Dinner Table

Growing up, we always had family time.  Sometimes it was eating breakfast together on Saturday mornings while reminiscing of highlights from the week.  Sometimes it was playing board games together Friday evenings with the TV off.  Other times, it was watching a movie together at home.  Whatever the case was, spending quality time together as a family was a given and was something of high importance.

It was only natural once I got married and had children that I would want to continue with the tradition of family time.  Although life demands our time, we make quality family time a priority.  Most nights out of the week, we enjoy a home cooked meal around the dinner table and talk about the day’s events or have thought-provoking discussions on current events.  (Yes, we include our children in the discussion and encourage them to think.).  We endeavor to spend time together on the weekends doing something fun together like playing “UNO” or “Life” or going shopping.  (Yes, sometimes this is a sacrifice when we have other things to do, but quality time with our children is an investment into making them the best they can be.).

Family is important.  When family is gone, you have nothing left.  Friendships and relationships can’t replace the need we have for family.  It’s the first institution we were born into.  In order to continue to grow together, we must nurture and nourish each other with time, support, love and prayer.  We grow apart when these elements are missing.  We each have a role to play in the success of our family.   Valuing family doesn’t require large amounts of money or grand ideas.  It’s as simple as taking your children to Sonic for a slush after school, cooking your spouse’s favorite meal when he/she doesn’t expect it, checking on your siblings throughout the month and offering your support and encouragement, or carving out a few minutes to play a game of “Life”.  Never underestimate the value of family.  Your spouse, children, siblings and parents are ALL gifts from God and should be taken care of accordingly.  Even if they have messed up or misused you, they are still valuable in God’s eyes and we should extend grace and forgiveness.  Make the time to invest in your family.  Mend a broken relationship.  Express your love with actions.  It will pay dividends.


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