Therapeutic Tuesdays: We are Family

In keeping with our topic for the week from our fearless leader, I want to talk shortly about family, because I have addressed this awhile back. For where my wife and kids and I are right now, our church family has become so much of a primary family to us. Over the past 8.5 years, they have seen us struggle to grow, break through, fail again, and through it all, they continue to push us to strive. They send us notes when we didn’t even know that we needed the encouragement. They have spoken life into us in ways that resonate so deeply, that words can not even express the accurate appreciation. They have cried with us. They have prayed over us, and with us. They have believed in us. The funny thing is that as our church has grown over the years, that innate sense of family has not decreased. It has only grown stronger. I can tell my church family things that I would dare not share with my own family. There is a liberty there.

It took us leaving our natural families and moving to Missouri for God to show us the depth of relationships that He has for us. Blood is truly thicker than water, but once that water is bonded by the BLood, God can do miraculous things in bringing unity to people. What I hope for in  this world, is that more and more of us can realize the things that we think makes us different, actually can bring us together. We are family. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are, or how you relate to others. We are family. And if an African American guy with limited experience with others outside of his race can see than, and embrace, it, and find comfort in it, why can’t we all?


Have a blessed day!

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