Family Reunions

So when was the last time you’ve attended your family reunion?  Are you on the planning committee?  Does your family meet yearly?  What does the family t-shirt look like?  Who start the family argument?  Who’s cooking can’t you want to taste?

My maternal side of the family is planning a family reunion this June. It’s been a long time coming.  We haven’t all collectively been together as a family since 2003.  Now I am excited we are coming together. I just have to figure out my schedule to make it happen. Oh yeah my parental side is planning a reunion in July.  Note I am from Mississippi and those are some hot months to be in the south.

Are family reunions still important to the family structure?  How often do you see your immediate family?  How well do you stay in communication with your extended family?  It is important that we stay connected to our foundation.  It is important that we know our family history.  It is important that we teach the future generations all the greatness that we come from.

So if you haven’t been to your family reunion in while………go.  If your family hasn’t had one…….plan.



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