What’s Happening Wednesday: Labor of Love

On any given weekday, my alarm clock goes off at 4:30.  I usually feed the baby and get ready for work.  I throw some leftovers in a box and head for the door.

i work an 8.5 hour shift (including lunch), then I rush to the elementary school to pick up my kindergartner and fourth-grader.  I make conscious effort to be one of the first people they see when they exit the doors.

Then it’s back home to fix snacks and help with homework.  I change a diaper, and then prepare dinner.  of, course I don’t have time to eat it.  At least two nights of every week, we need to be somewhere between 6 and 6:30.

When we get home, we have just enough time to eat and get ready for the next day.  There are days I don’t have time to eat.  Reading is a luxury I rarely enjoy and more often than not, there are dishes left in the sink when I go to bed. Somedays I do not sit down until I finally put on my pajamas

I work just as hard at home as I do at work.  The pay is pretty lousy, by the benefits are amazing.  I mean, look at those faces.  Motherhood is certainly a labor of love.

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