The Hunt for Good Children’s Books – Part 12

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DESCRIPTION: The story of a national movement created by African Americans to supply safe and efficient coverage of the needs of travelers who were denied service at hotels, restaurants and gas stations based upon the color of their skin.

I remember a summer trip with my parents and 8 siblings from our home in Georgia to the nation’s capital. We traveled  in our packed station wagon  through southern states that had laws in place that allowed refusal of services to families like mine because we were African American. My parents carefully planned our trip to use roadside stops and parks where we could sleep in our car and use the facilities for personal needs and cooking. We carried a cook stove and toileting utensils to be prepared for all eventualities. When we arrived in DC we were able to stay with a local family who had been referred to my parents for our entire vacation. I remember the kind welcome and the amazing meals we enjoyed each day. On the way home we stopped at a local community center in an African American neighborhood in South Carolina that opened their doors and allowed us to cook a hot meal, stretch our legs and fellowship with people who understood what we faced traveling through the deep south. I appreciate the need for the Green Book that Ruth and her family discovered and used to successfully complete their trip to Alabama. I applaud Victor Green for his ingenuity in creating this resource to supply needed information and support black businesses. More importantly I am proud of what that book represents-a people who united during a dark time in our nation’s history to support each other’s safety, well being and right to  enjoy full access to needed accommodations and services. Hundreds of black owned businesses and thousands of families like Ruth and my own played a key part in defeating racism by using resources like the Green Book. It’s a triumph from which we should draw encouragement and inspiration to confront and resolve the challenges we continue to face as a people. The struggle continues!

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