The Dale Carnegie Experience


I’ve recently had the opportunity to take the Dale Carnegie course entitled “Effective Communication and Human Relations”. We met once a week for three hours for twelve weeks. I must say I had no idea what I was getting into but I am so glad I was able to take the course. Mr. Carnegie’s teachings are based on relationships. A strong relationship foundation is important key to one’s success.

The first night of class we picked up our workbook and received Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book. This pocket size book contained 30 principles that we would cover in the twelve week period.  These 30 principles spoke to the following areas:

1. Becoming a friendly person
2. Winning people to your way of thinking
3. Becoming a leader
4. Fundamental principles to overcome worry
5. Basic techniques in analyzing worry
6. Breaking the worry habit before it breaks you
7. Cultivating a mental attitude thinking that will bring you peace and happiness
8. The perfect way to conquer worry
9. Don’t worry about criticism
10. Preventing fatigue and keeping your energy and spirits high

As we delved into our sessions and talked about each principles, I realized the strong the foundation these principles are built on is your personal relationship with God. When we keep on focus on him we nature our own growth and we aim to treat others with an unselfish love.

We will meet different type of people from all walks of life. We will have jobs that will take us various places in this world.  As we travel this journey of life we must remember to treat people how we want to be treated. We must remember to pour goodness into one another.

If your employer ever gives you the opportunity to take this class, DO IT. You will be amazed at your personal growth, the people you meet, your instructors, the stories you will hear and tell, and the self confidence that will grow inside of you.

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