The Hunt For Good Children’s Books – By  Special Request

By special request this week’s featured book is a resource for parents who would like help figuring out how to help their children navigate the process of losing a pet. We hope you’ll find this helpful and encourage you to keep sending feedback to us on or by email at




DESCRIPTION: The death of a pet brings a child face to face with a situation he cannot avoid but struggles to understand and accept. With help from his family and a caring community he begins to find his way.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Conversations about death are difficult at any age, particularly with our young. Nancy Loewen has created a much needed vehicle to open dialogue with children whose pets have died in ways that honor their feelings and provide methods to guide them through the grieving process. The use of animal characters provides a comforting and safe context for discussion. The author does not try to caramelize the subject but approaches it with sensitivity and common sense information and strategies. Christopher Lyles’s illustrations lovingly depict the range of emotions and chain of events that transpire during a loss of life. I believe this book can facilitate understanding and help children gain hope and strength to move on.

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