Therapeutic Tuesday: Change is in the Air

The challenge from our fearless leader this week is to apply a soundtrack to our lives. Taking pulse of where I am right now, I think this epic song by Same Cooke applies, “A Change is Gonna Come”:

This song speaks to where I am in several senses. I believe that this is a year of change. I can feel it in the air. In my life, I am trying to really change the way that I eat, and add exercise into the regular menu by getting a trainer to hold me accountable. I am trying to change my attitudes and thought-life. I’m trying to be more positive. Our nation is in the midst of change where we will be voting for a new Commander in Chief. I won’t say what I really think about the political climate, or our national climate. I will save that for a very long rant after President Obama has left office. I don’t know what other changes are in store. I can just smell it in the air, and I am trying to do what I can to prepare for the unknown, as weird as that may sound.

Change is coming.

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