The Season of Singleness


“Do you plan to ever get married?”
“Why haven’t you had any children yet?”
“You haven’t brought anybody home for us to meet.”

These are guaranteed questions and statements that I surely hear when my family gets together. I use to dread hearing these questions because I knew what emotions they would conjure up. They would ignite the self doubt inside of me and have me question my self worth as a woman. Does being married and having children define me as women? It took me a while to confidently answer this question with a resounding no. Now don’t get me wrong I do aspire to share my life with someone but I understand that now that’s not the season that I am in right now.

This is the time to truly learn who Neikeita is.

This is is a time of self discover.

A time of self reflection.

A time of healing.

A time of professional growth.

A time to grow spiritually.

A time to explore the world.

A time to become an authentic 100 percent ME.

We have a major family event coming up this summer. My cousin is getting married and all the family will come together to witness this joyous occasion. And just so you
know the cousin is younger than me who is getting married.  I will surely be asked the questions concerning my relationship status or lack thereof. But I will feel no intimidation, no self doubt, no woe is me when I answer the questions.

One thought on “The Season of Singleness

  1. yes ma’am! Same season… Do guys deal with the same questions?…
    It takes a mature mind and spiritual growth to step outside of “our” current relationship status and celebrate with others when we know deep in our hearts what we desire. I have one wedding invitation on its way and I’m actually standing on Faith that a dear sister girl friend of mine will also be getting married this year. Oh yeah and several friends are expecting within the next few months as well. I am so excited and ready to celebrate! Rejoice with those who are rejoicing!

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