Sundays with Stassi: A lesson in Trust

I received a text message from my walk/run group coordinator 3 days ago. It simply gave a location & time to meet for our Saturday morning run, and informed us that this location on another island would be our spot every other week for the next month. She then asked for us to respond whether we were in. I read the message and simply responded, “I’m in.” It took another day before I asked about the ferry ticket price, but as you can see I didn’t ask any other questions. I showed up early and still had no idea about the route or mileage or if I needed to bring anything with me. I had on my running clothes/shoes, a 20oz water bottle, car keys, ID & cash for ferry ticket. However, most endurance runners know that you need a water refill plan, possibly Gatorade, and a source to replenish carbs depending on the mileage or the amount of effort that you put into the workout. But I wasn’t concerned about any of that, I just showed up. I trusted the run coordinator (aka the First Lady of my church). I trusted that she had my best interests in mind. I trusted that she wouldn’t put in harms way.

And then after about 3.5 miles of hills I started questioning more… What’s the rest of the route? How many miles are left? Is this an out & back route? Are we running back the same way? Do we have more hills? I had all sorts of thoughts running through my mind. Finally I asked the guy in front of me whether we were coming back the same way. He responded that we were driving back and that there was a car waiting for us at the end of our route!! PRAISE GOD!! I released a high sigh of relief!

But then I heard a voice, “Do you trust ME like that? How much more will your life work out for your good, if you would simply put the same trust in me as you do in (wo)man?”

Those questions completely changed my day. It made me evaluate my trust in God. There are times when I have what people would consider blind trust in my family or friends or pastors, but God showed me that my trust should always be in Him. HE is the only one who will never let me down. Do you really TRUST Him?
Trusting HIM,

Stassi Nicole

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