Therapeautic Tuesdays: Hello Fear

Happy New Year! This is another post from the vaults. I ran across it recently and struggled with whether to post it or not. I decided to, because in some ways, I still find myself in this place. In other areas, not so much. I’m going to address some of my aims this year in a few weeks, as I’m still pondering many goals, but I hope that this speaks to someone out there. Be blessed!

This is by no means original, but I was listening to Kirk Franklin’s new cd, “Hello Fear”, and this kind of came to me. Its an Open letter. Some of you will be able to relate. I pray that you’re blessed regardless.

Hello Fear,

We are well acquainted. By some accounts, you’ve been the one constant friend that I could always count on in my lifetime. Sure, you’ve conspired against me, but because I allowed it, I don’t hold you responsible. All of the regrets that I have in my life all sit and laugh at me now, because I listened to you instead of my better judgment. I think its funny that while I’ve known you since birth, I learned more about you in church than I ever wanted to. Even when I would try to grow in God and defeat you, you were always right there in my ear, or with a hand draped around my shoulder whispering. Why do you always whisper? Sheesh. I hate it! Couldn’t you just speak in a audible voice for once? I’m not going to blame you for my foolish decisions, because in those times, when I wanted to do wrong, you were never there to discourage any of those actions. The only time that I can really say that I hear you is when I want to do something that I know God wants me to do. Which brings me to the reason why I’m writing you.

You make me sick. The way that you make me feel about myself makes me physically ill. And since I know from God’s word that you are not a gift from Him, I’m deciding today that I no longer desire your friendship. All of your doubting, negative whispers, I’m done with them. All of your brilliantly conceived schemes to keep me as I am, and prevent me from being who God wants me to be, I’m done with em. I had hoped that you might outgrow my company and move on to bigger and better things, but since you haven’t gotten a clue yet, I guess I’ll have to man up and kick you out.

See, if I didn’t want to be something, or do things for God, I could probably live out my life with you as my best man. But, I see more clearly than ever before that it is my fears that have kept me from hearing God and being fully obedient. Its my fear of rejection that has kept me from reaching out to people. Its my fear of rejection and failure that has kept me from hearing God concerning teaching. Its my fear of living that has kept me bottled up. Dude, I’m seeing all of this now and its making me angry with myself for even putting up with you all of these years. I have enough of my own mess to deal with. I don’t need you casting an even more negative view of me onto me. Besides, God sees me in a light that I’m convinced you just don’t have eyes to see me in.

Whereas you see me as this weak, unsure, feeble minded, unwanted “man”, God sees me as redeemed. He sees me as His adopted, chosen, blessed, and righteous son! He sees me for who He created me to be, strong, decisive, liberated, gifted, and available for His use. You’ve kept me bottled up, “friend”. Its time for me to live. Its time for me to move past existing on the outskirts and to move dead center to God’s will and see what my life becomes. While I have no idea what’s waiting for me there, I am 100% sure that it’s infinitely more than what you have in store for me.

God says that perfect love cast out all fear. I can think of no more perfect love than He who IS Love. He died and shed blood so that I would not be afflicted by you and your kind. He was beaten for my freedom, yet I’ve only ventured steps outside of my own cell because of you. No more. Life is for the living. Fear has no place anymore. YOU have no place anymore. Farewell, goodbye, so long.

Fact is, the days are growing short. I can no longer afford to be in fear of what I’m not, or fear of what I could be, fear of where I’ll end up, or fear of what I might or might now accomplish. My life is not my own, and I willingly give it up for God to be glorified in it. Call me weak if you want, but it is in Him that I realize what true strength is. Basically, dude, you’ve gotta bounce because I’ve got work to do. No time for your mess.

And by the way, I have other friends out there who will be having this same conversation with you in the near future. I’m just warning you that you are going to be experiencing rejection quite a bit, very soon. God is liberating his people by His Spirit! Its coming as a cleansing Rain, and a purifying fire. You’ve got to go! So, let me say this in closing

“In the name of Jesus, God I thank you for the liberty that is in you. I thank you that we don’t have to live in fear, if we are truly called by Your Holy Name. God, I pray that right now you would begin breaking the chains of fear that have held Your people back for so long. I pray that fear of rejection and any other type would be cast away and replaced by your Spirit of freedom. God, I pray that you would help your Body to live as you intended. I pray that no more would we be engulfed in darkness and captivity. You sent Your Son so that we might walk in peace, joy, and newness of life. Release it anew as a fire in our hearts. I ask, and thank you in advance for performing Your word in our midsts. Thank you, Father”

Goodbye Fear. My Father is escorting you out as we speak.

Until next time, be blessed!

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