How do you ring in the new year?  Do you join the throngs of people in Time Square, Rockefeller Square, City Market, Beach, Bar, or Club to watch some large object drop signifying the ending of one year and the beginning of another? Will you join others in quiet and prayerful reflection by reading scriptures and sending up prayers of thanksgiving?  Will you celebrate with a grand dinner and dancing in one of the best restaurants in town? Will you celebrate with a small intimate dinner with the one you love?  Will you have to share your new year at work with your colleagues?  Will you find yourself celebrating the entrance of this new year in a war zone protecting the lives of complete strangers while ensuring the safety of your homeland?  Will you be home alone missing all the loved ones that you have outlived?  Regardless of how one spends ringing in this new year of 2016, one can’t help but reflect and mourn a little for the wonderful traditions that once brought so much joy. Traditions like purchasing and preparing the collard greens and black eye peas which signify prosperity in the upcoming year.  Traditions of purchasing the perfect fireworks to have a show worthy of inviting the television network.  Traditions where each person selects their favorite verse of scripture and reads them aloud ten minutes before midnight.  Traditions where all, adults and children, get down on their knees and pray the new year in after which they sing a homespun version of “it’s a happy new year, It’s a happy new year.  It’s a happy. It’s a happy, It’s a happy new year.  How I long for these traditions again.  Now that both of my parents are deceased, I feel their separation deeply , especially during the holiday season.  If you are experiencing the same feelings, feel the grief and work it through.

Happy New Year and have a FUNKADELIC FRIDAY!.






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