Christmas was ALWAYS a joyous time for me and my family.  A house full on Christmas Eve, decorating the tree.  Mom cooking Christmas dinner.  Dad wrapping presents in their room.  Christmas stories on the television and carols playing on the radio.  A HOUSE FULL OF JOYFUL NOISE!  But not anymore.  My house is quiet now. Everything changes.

Christmas, when I became an adult was still a joyous time because I always brought my son over to my parents house to be with his aunts, uncles, and cousins.  A HOUSE FULL OF JOYFUL NOISE! But not anymore.  My son is a man now with other interests.  My house is quiet now.  Everything changes.

Christmas, now that I am older, should still be a joyous time because of the birth of Christ.  For this I am grateful.  It’s a little harder now though because everyone is at work and I, alone, decorate the tree and set out the manger set.  These are the things that we did in my childhood when there was a house full of joyful noise . . . but everything changes.  I just must simply adjust.

Merry Christmas on this Funkadelic Friday.

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