Transformative Thursdays: The Christ in Christmas

I remember growing up and everyone said, “Merry Christmas”!  Now, everyone is so concerned about being politically correct and not offending someone that we reduce Christmas to “Happy Holidays”.  What has changed so much in 20 or 30 years?  Some things should remain a “non-negotiable” issue.  Christ has always been the reason for Christmas and will continue to be regardless of who likes it or accepts it.  That fact is based on the Word of God.  For those who are non-Christian, they can refuse to say it, which is perfectly fine, but those who are unashamedly Christians should say “Merry Christmas” proudly.

The church is made up of Christians and we can’t be afraid to voice our beliefs.  If we do, the “church” as we know it will become extinct—a mere image of weak Christians afraid to stand up.  Today, more than ever, we must speak loudly and clearly.  But not only speak, we must live what we speak.  If Christ is in our hearts and He is the reason we celebrate Christmas, our actions must show the love of Christ.  Our actions must show the joy of Christ.  Our actions must show the peace of Christ.  Our actions must show health and prosperity that’s offered through Christ.  Christ is the fullness of what our lives should be.

So it’s more than just saying “Merry Christmas” but it’s all that Christ represents is present in our lives.  So spread “Christmas” this season and throughout the entire year.  The world needs Christ and all He offers.  Don’t limit Him to a once a year celebration and we must ALL begin to say “Merry Christmas”!

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