FUNKADELIC FRIDAYS: Caught In the Middle.

blended familyI wonder how often Mike and Carol Brady found themselves ‘caught in the middle?’  The story line of The Brady Bunch addressed the ‘ins and outs’ of making a blended family work.  Carol and her three daughters married Mike and his three sons.  One may say that the correct reference would be that Mike married Carol but they came to the relationship with children.  Ben Cartwright had his three sons but the potential brides never made it to the alter.  Lucas McCain and his son Mark would go into North Fork and hang out with Millie who was the store owner and a home away from home for Mark whenever Lucas had to fill in as Marshal.  Millie never became a McCain though.  Steven Douglas and his three sons never had to face the issues of blended conflicts.  The sons were all adults by the time Steven remarried. What is my point?  Whether in reality or fantasy, very few people have effectively addressed the topic of blended families.

Being in a blended family has dynamics that no one can prepare for.  As a parent of a child brought into a blended family, I find myself always sensitive to the relationship between my spouse and my son.  When the relationship began, my son was already an advanced teenager, just shy of entering manhood. I had already laid the groundwork of what family should and should not be, respect for each other, respect for oneself, what a man should bring to a relationship, what a woman should bring to a relationship.  Having gone through a divorce after 22 years of marriage, remarrying was not in my plan but sometimes the heart makes other plans.  Regardless of how my hear felt, I made it clear to my now husband, what my top priorities were and still are.  I try to stay out of the testosterone issues that arise, but every now and then I get caught in the middle.  My spouse has never had children and this is his first marriage so to say that he is quit green to this would be an understatement.  My spouse must remember that my son is an adult and that issues need to  be dealt with in a loving, adult manner. My son must remember that my husband means him no ill and is new at this entire process.  I have seen woman take the side of their spouse or partner against their children.  I have also seen the parent take the side of the child over the partner or spouse.  Unfortunately, when information and facts are not obtained and considered before a decision is made, no one wins.  I love my son and I love my husband.  My daily prayer is that we walk through this life together with love and respect.  My daily goal is not to get caught in the middle of whatever may be going on with these two.

Love your family and remember that each moment is precious.  Have a great Funkadelic Friday!!!




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