Sundays with Stassi: The 2 Ps of LIFE

Patience and Promises.

Yep those are the 2 Ps I’m talking about and it seems as if they have gotten hand in hand for as long as I can remember. As a child, I remember playing in mom’s makeup and wanting my own. Specifically, I remember a shopping trip with some of my aunts and cousins where one of my older cousins was supposed to get contacts to replace her glasses. She tried and tried to pop that little thing in her eye, but each moment her finger drew near to her eyeball those eyelids would forcefully close causing her to miss the mark. Her mom had promised that she could get contacts that day, but my cousin got frustrated and gave up. She didn’t have the patience on that day to keep trying in front of all of us and the optometrist will not allow you to leave with contacts unless you can put them in on your own.

As for me, I remember a strong desire for wanting to toss away my Coke bottle lenses. I was always getting teased about my vision problems…Wait…I still do even after LASIK and other expensive processes. However, as a preteen I thought that getting contacts would make me cool like the other kids, so that was my new mission for that day. I showed mom that I could hold my eyelid open with one hand and carefully touch my eyeball with my index finger on the other hand, but she shut me down with the quickness! Just like makeup and “talking” to boys, wearing contacts had to wait until the magic age of Sweet 16 fell upon me. She promised that only then I could wear contacts, but I kept asking and trying time and time again until it finally happened…at 16… Through that process I learned that no matter how much I tried and tried, I still had to patiently wait for mom’s promise to manifest. She already said that it would happen, but it was up to me to be patient after that point. But isn’t it the same way with The Lord?

If our natural parents, in their sinful natures, love us enough to keep their promises to us then how much more can we rejoice in knowing that our Heavenly Father will do the same? Fortunately for us, often times He will share a Promise with us that does not have a clearly defined due date. Yes, that’s a benefit because all we can do is trust Him and be Patient instead of just waiting on that specific day to come around. We have to constantly walk by faith and be patient when we can’t see the manifestation of those Godly Promises.

Patience. Promises. Be encouraged. He has already stated that the Promise shall come to pass, so rejoice while continuing in Patience.

Patiently waiting for Manifested Promises,

Stassi Nicole

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