FUNKADELIC FRIDAYS: What Will You Be Giving This Holiday Season?

a gift
Little Drummer Boy
 Come they told me!
A new born king to see.
Our finest gifts we bring.
To lay before the king.
So to honor him
when we come.
Little baby!
I am a poor boy too.
I have no gift to bring.
That’s fit to give our king.
Shall I play for you

on my drum?

Mary nodded.
The ox and lamb kept time.
I played my drum for him.
I played my best for him.
Then He smiled at me.
Me and my drum.
Many people showed abhorrent behavior during the 2015 Black Friday frenzy.  Social media showed the horrible videos of women, men, and children behaving badly.  Is this the level that our “civilized” society has descended to?
When Christmas was first introduced to many of us, we participated in the Christmas plays as an angel, shepherd, wise man, or king.  Some of us were even a part of the holy family: Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.  The excitement could hardly be contained in anticipation of the yearly “Christmas pageants.”  As time progressed, more and more the focus was set on Frosty the snowman, Santa Clause, Rudolph, Jack Frost, and store sales.  Eventually the “reason for the season” was completely moved from center stage.  We were believing that Santa Claus was the savior and if there was no Santa, there would be no Christmas.  Christmas became X-mas and the greeting “Merry Christmas” became “Happy Holidays.”  We spend hundreds and even thousands on gifts for ourselves and others.  As I reflect on these thoughts, the song The Little Drummer Boy comes to my mind. He had an old drum and a talent to play it.  This simple gift was ALL he had to present to one that he knew very little about.  We know more about this little king than the little drummer boy and yet we either give little, nothing, or try to deny his very existence.  What is your position?  Have you given much thought to what you will give this year?  How about who is on your Christmas list?  Yes, Christmas comes but once a year but we have the chance to give something everyday.  We can give compassion, consideration, and kindness to EVERYONE we meet.  Don’t treat these attributes like Christmas ornaments that we take out and dust off once a year.  Let them be seen ALL YEAR THROUGH.  I know WHO the reason is for my celebrating this CHRIST-mas season.  I look forward to seeing Charlie Brown’s Christmas where Linus tells what Christmas is really all about. I will even enjoy watching Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.  Whether you believe in Christ or not, just remember that the origin of this season was not to see how much you could get.  This season is about giving.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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