What’s Happening Wednesday: Crafting

I tried to write a story.  There were characters, each with their own personalities.  There was a plot (well, an attempt at a plot).  There were settings and backgrounds, weather to control,  chance meetings to orchestrate. It was a whole ordeal.

You see, as the author of the story, I had complete and utter control of it all.  The characters were who I determined them to be.  They lived where I wanted them to live.  Their world was under my control.  And as a control freak, that part was kind of cool.

But I was also responsible.  This world I created in my mind required time and attention.  It required an attention to detail I rarely exhibit in my own personal life.

Holding the fate of a world in your hand is quite a heavy burden… And yet it is a burden we all share. By we, I mean us, the dreamers, the artist, the revolutionaries. We who see things that have yet to be.

So as I crafted this world where in essence, I was the Divine, I could not help but be in awe of the One who created the world in which we live.

i truly believe we are most like God when we create.  So my loves, dance, draw, write, compose….something magical happens when the created become creators.

i tried to write a story… And ended up marveling at the Author of me.

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