auReality – Part 5

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Gale woke with a shock and began to look around. Feeling more than a little disoriented she tries to get her bearings. She feels her dream slipping away from her and tries to hold onto it feeling like there is something that she needs to hold onto. The alarm from her cell phone goes off blaring Jayso and Sarkodie’s lastest hit “Pizza and Burger” and the last of the dream fades away.
“Oh crap! I have got to get to the lab!” Gale yells to her empty bedroom. She throws off her covers and races to her tiny en suite bathroom and sees that Denard has already tidied up the space as usual. She smiles and hops into the shower knowing that she can only afford 5 minutes if she has any hope of making it to work on time and today of all days she cannot be late!
Walking into her building she is greeted by security as usual and presents her credentials on command.

“Thank you, Dr. D’or. Saw your husband come in about an hour ago,” said Security Chief Mosley Winters.

“Thanks, Chief,” Gale called back as she made a beeline for the elevator and punched the button to head up to the 11th floor conference room just outside of her lab. “Today is the day,” she thought and smiled to herself.

She had finally gotten the attention of the board of directors for GenioTech Industries and today was the day that she planned to launch the next phase of her career with a bold, new avenue for socio-genetic research. She had rehearsed her speech hundreds of times, checked and rechecked her presentation just as many AND she and Denard had taken out an “insurance plan” to help seal the deal. Today is the day that Gale had dreamed of since she was a little girl.

Today, she is going to solve the world’s race and inequality problems once and for all.

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