FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: Thanksgiving 2015


Are you coming out of your turkey coma?  Do you remember what happened on your turkey day?  Did you meet your quota of performing a completely uncomfortable act by inviting someone in need to your home or forcing your teenager to serve food at a homeless shelter?  Did you spend time watching sports, especially the FAILURE of the Dallas Cowboys who unfairly get that special television spot each year on Thanksgiving?  Did you spend time with that family member who URKS your last nerve but gives really great Christmas gifts?  Did you spend your turkey day catching up on sleep because your life is so busy that you can only get the kind of codeine sleep you need on holidays?  Did you get up early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with a bowl of cereal in your favorite pajamas?  NO MATTER WHAT YOU DID ON YOUR TURKEY DAY, WHAT WERE YOU THANKFUL FOR?  Were you thankful for the chance to travel with your blended family for the first time to visit relatives?  Were you thankful for your sister and brother in love providing you with a place to stay during your out of town trip?  Were you thankful for great neighbors who are taking care of your pets so that they won’t be alone while you are away?  Were you thankful that all your loved ones arrived at their destinations safely?  Were you thankful for the wonderful memories and laughter shared with loved ones while reminiscing about Thanksgivings of the past?  Were you thankful that, although tears flowed, when the group prayer took place, everyone could hold hands and remember those special loved ones that taught you how to give a prayer of thanks?

Well. . . I was, am, and will continue to be THANKFUL!!!  HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING.  May you be thankful your whole life through.

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