Sundays with Stassi: Airplane mode?

I have said many times that my brain is most free, yet working the hardest when I have prolonged periods of time to myself to think away from home or work or any other everyday surroundings. When I lived on the mainland, these times would be during my 5-10 hour solo drives to visit mom or friends or during my “long run” training runs when I just wanted to be alone. It is usually during those times that God speaks directly to my heart, confirming things that I already felt in my spirit or when I come up with the best project ideas. However, the way my life is currently set up, I can drive from one end of the island to the other in traffic in less than one hour, so those long drives are now nonexistent. Furthermore, I’m still learning the island terrain and neighborhoods so my solo long runs haven’t happened in the new place. Additionally, zoning out or getting in my head while running here isn’t a good idea due to the lack of sidewalks and abundance of drivers who speed up the mountain around the curves on the narrow roads.
Thus my new inspiration occurs while flying. It gives a new meaning to the phrase “flying free” because my mind is truly free to drift wherever it likes. During take off, as I switch my electronic devices into Airplane mode to cut off incoming cellar signals, my mind also switches to a different kind of airplane mode. My mental airplane mode begins with the realization that I can’t, well I really should say I’m not going to, do any work so all of the worries of day-to-day life melt away. My mind is then free to climb the elevation of imagination up above the clouds and coast on any and every thought that enters into the dreamland. While my mind is flying high, flying free it seems to defy the forces of stress trying to pull it back down to the ground. It zooms through the clouds of uncertainty and cuts through the winds of fear. Each time I stare out of the window, I see the beauty of new ideas forming from the stillness, peace and calm emanating from each neuron firing in my brain…and then “Flight Attendants, prepare for landing.” interrupts the next idea as my mind shifts to prepare for re-entry into reality. As the wheels on the landing gear hits the runway and abruptly stop, my mind is thrown back into its usually cycle of deadlines and meetings. As I switch off airplane mode on my devices, I also switch off the imagination factory of ideas pouring out creativity like the flight attendant serving beverages. But Oh! Clouds of infinite possibilities…until we meet again in the great blue sky…
Soaring high & free,
Stassi Nicole

One thought on “Sundays with Stassi: Airplane mode?

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    It’s hard for some people to switch their mobile devices into airplane mode bc they feel disconnected…I LOVE it! How about you? When is your phone in airplane mode? Is your mind free to wonder while you are flying high?

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