“Man that shift kicked my but last night.  I’m not even close to awake to deal with this class this morning.”

Lisa beams with amusement at my dilemma.

“I told you not to take that second shift.  You knew that Dr. Rogan was gonna lay it on thick today.  Midterms are next week.  What did you expect?”

“Lisa, do I look like I need you to add ANYTHING to the load I’m already carrying?  I just hope that I can stay awake long enough to get this information down.”

“Doubt that’s gonna happen!”

Dr. Rogan approaches the podium.

“Good morning class. As you all know, midterms are next week so we have a great deal to cover today.  You know the drill.  Laptops open, cell phones off or on vibrate.  One peep from a phone and we are done like a busted egg.  I would rather be on the golf course this morning but I have this thing called a job that I have to do so let’s begin. Now, last week we discussed the possibilities of travel to Mars, the type of transport needed to make this journey, and the kinds of test to be performed on the planets’  atmospheric makeup as well as the surface.  Here we see that . . . “

Man!  Why did I sign up for this class? Dr. Rogan and his monotone voice are making it really easy to fall asleep.  Bored can’t even describe the state this class is in right now.  I can’t count how many are already asleep.  I think a couple of ’em have slipped into a coma.  I’m not too far behind ’em.  Shoot, I’m surprised Dr. Rogan hasn’t called Barry’s name.  He’s snoring mad loud!  It’s more entertaining watching people sleep and bet who’ll snore, drool, fall out of their seat, or do all three first. Astronomy 101 is interesting but not on a Saturday morning.  Especially after the night I had. I’ll be seeing dirty dishes in my nightmares.  I just gotta pass this class.  Come on man.  Wake up.  You can’t afford to fail this class.  Who am I kidding?  There’s at least 10 people snoring around me.  I just gotta stay awake.  I will stay awake!  I will stay awake! I will stay a w a k e. I will stay a w a . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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