FUNKADELIC FRIDAYS: A Simple Tall Tale of a Remarkable Journey

 One fine day, I was walking along the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert when I saw the strangest site.  There was an unusual looking animal walking toward me.  It was difficult at first to make out exactly what kind of creature it was.  It would seem that the closer I got, the easier it would be to make out what it was.  However, this was not the case.  The closer I got, the more difficult it became to make out what it was.  When I was directly over the thing, it spoke to me.

‘Greetings and salutations odd creature walking on two legs.”

Overwhelmed by fear, I managed to speak.

“Who are you calling an odd creature?”

The creature had a shell that looked like an armadillo but it was not an armadillo.  It had a tail of a dog but it was not a dog. It had the legs of a rabbit but it was not a rabbit.  It had the ears of a cat but it was not a cat.  I began to step slowly away from the strange site that now appeared to be increasing in size.

“I have seen no one for miles since I have begun my journey to my resting grounds.  My home is on the other side of this desert.  It has been rather lonely walking out here and it pleases me greatly to see another living being.  Where are you going?”

My emotions were all confused.  I did not know whether to be frightened or curious.  Was I having a nightmare or was this really happening.  I did not know anymore because the sweltering heat in this desert was getting to me.  I was always told that a person could see some strange things in the desert but I never imagined something this outrageous.

“My name is Imbeleona the Inquisitive.  I am on a walk-about to see new and exciting things.  You are the first new and exciting thing that I have encountered on this hot journey. I wonder though if I have suffered a heat stroke because you cannot possibly be real.  It has been rather lonely so I would be glad to embark on a grand adventure with you.  What are you called?”

The creature wagged its tail in what seem to be a pleased manner.  By now he was larger than me in size.

“I am Gnome-gagalus of the armored clan.  Let us travel together and discover what we can as I make my journey home.”

We set out on our glorious journey seeing creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I recorded what I witnessed in my trusty tablet of facts.  I will use this information to teach my family and friends about this amazing world that I explored on my travels.

“Imbeleona.  I see a place ahead that looks very inviting.”

His pace increased.

I was not sure whether the heat was getting to Gnome-gagalus or not because I saw nothing in the distance.

“Ah, maybe we should stop here.  I see nothing but sand dunes for miles.”

Distance had increased greatly between the creature and I.

“I have sharp eyes and a keen sense of smell and we are about to encounter water, food, and shade over the next sand dune.”

Having no knowledge of such a creature and it’s capabilities, I had to just take it at its word.  Moving at a running pace now to keep up with this shelled wonder, we suddenly beheld the most beautiful site I had ever seen.

“You were right Gnome-gagalus.  This is a mighty oasis in this ocean of sand.”

I ran to the edge of the water to quench my burning thirst. As I scooped up handfuls of water, I noticed juicy date trees surrounding us. I sat up to grab a few dates to eat.

“Let us eat, drink, and rest here before we proceed to your resting place.”

Gnome-gagalus had already devoured pawfuls of dates before I finished making my suggestion.

“This is my resting place.  I am home. My journey is complete.  What shall you do now?”

“I shall continue on my walk-about recording facts in my trusty tablet to share  with my family and friends when I return to my home.”

Settling in under a date tree with my thirst quenched and a belly full of dates,  I drifted off to the land of sleep.

Something wet was brushing my check.  I woke with a jolt.  It was Butternut, my old bulldog, licking my face.  I was not in the Sahara Desert, but in my room.

“Eva Mae, it’s time to get up. Remember that we have a lot of yard work to do today.  Let’s get to it before it gets too hot out there okay?”

“Yes Momma. . . Wow!  What a dream!”

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