Transformative Thursdays: The Still, Small Voice

Have you ever thought, “I’ve never heard God’s voice” or “I wonder if God speaks to people”?  Well the truth is He does.  He has always spoken to His people and He continues to speak to them today.  The question then becomes, Can you hear His voice?  Be assured, if you are His child, you can hear His voice.  It’s usually a still, small voice that is not boisterous or loud, but definitely clear.  If you truly know Him, you can’t mistake His voice.  The voice may come in different forms, but you will know it.

Sometimes our busy lives and crowded circles of friends and acquaintances drown out the voice.  Our choices to do what feels right and please people often overshadows the voice.  Our willingness to be independent and “live a little” might push the voice beyond the audible realm.  But not of these things change the fact that the “still small voice” is ALWAYS speaking and leading.  We are better because of the still, small voice.  Don’t be mistaken.  It’s not just intuition, but the voice of One who knows us better than anyone else on this earth and the One who crafted us uniquely in His image.  It’s the voice of our shepherd who gently and compellingly leads us to greater pastures if we can trust Him.  It’s the voice of our Father who never leaves us or leads us into danger.  It’s the voice of One who cares, who loves unconditionally, who listens, who feels us, who wants our friendship and the One who is still nudging us along this journey of life.

It’s the voice of One who tells us to avoid a certain path in life or get to know a particular person who can help us in the future.  It’s the voice of the One who tells us to buy a different house or encourages us to go for the morning jog we don’t feel like doing.  It’s the voice of the One who tells us to wait for the right spouse because the person we are with now will bring hurt and danger.  It’s the voice of the One who allows us to be released from a job because a better one is around the corner.  It’s the voice of the One who offers a life of pleasure and peace by following His commands and avoiding the detours of temptation and disobedience.

Be still and know that He is God and He is leading.  Rest in His plan.  Take joy in the peace He offers.  Follow Him and trust that still, small voice.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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