What’s Happening Wednesdays: What You Got?

So… I’m kind of obsessed with a new website/phone app.  If you have never heard of myfridgefood.com, I suggest you glance at it quickly.

The concept is simple.  There is a list of common ingredients. You select the ones you have on hand, and the myfridgefood fairies spit out a list of recipes you can make with those items.  It’s my new best friend.

Myfridgefood.com has saved me from a few weeknight disasters.  So far my husband, a ridiculously picky-eater,has liked all the chicken recipes we’ve tried.  (I’m a busy mommy on a budget.  We eat a lot of chicken).

Imagine. I take a list of seemingly unrelated items from my pantry and come out with full meals.  What looked to me like a hodge-podge of nothingness turned out to be the building blocks for feeding my tribe.  And it all started with identifying what I already had.

Wow! It’s a game-changing concept?

What if, instead of looking for what I think I need, I start all of my internal calculations based on what I know I already have.  Let’s say, for instance I want to go back to school.  In my initial calculations, I’d think I don’t have the time.  I don’t have the money.  But using the my fridge food model, I’d start with the fact that I have an awesome support system, and a thirst for knowledge.

it changes the whole equation.  It changes everything.

It’s why God asked Moses about the rod in his hand.  It’s why Jesus asks the disciples about the fish and loaves BEFORE he blessed it and divided it up.  God wants us to realize that He’s already given us the things we need to march towards our destinies.  They also serve as gentle reminders that he’ll provide for us along the way.

So thanks, http://www.myfridgefood.com for the spiritual lesson… And for the sweet garlic chicken.

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