First World Country Blues

Ba dun dun dun dunt, I’m stuck in the airport… 
Ba dun dun dun dun dunt, 

ain’t got no lunch… 
ba dun dun dun dunt, 

been snackin on granola… 
ba dun dun dun dunt, 

but it just ain’t enough…. 
ba dun dun dun dunt 

I need some protein… 
ba dun dun dun dunt… 

with some kinda sauce… 
ba dun dun dun dunt 

make sweet and spicy… 
ba dun dun dun dunt 

so that I don’t go off… 
I got the blues….. 
I got those #1stworldproblem blues… 
cause when you live out in the country… 

this is just what you get used to…. 


So you might wonder what inspired the above mentioned blues ditty I shared with you good folks today. The story behind this  tune goes a little something like this…

On this episode of “I almost went to jail” Marta succeeds in getting somewhat reasonable accommodations for not making it home today after starting her travels at 5am from St. Thomas bound for Lubbock (TX) only to be diverted to Nassau (Bahamas) due to a slight mechanical problem.

(Translation: We were flying with only one working engine over international waters 45 minutes out from Miami.) 

After being held in a clear plexiglass tank for 4 hours with one cup of water and a granola bar (having missed breakfast due to the early flight out of St. Thomas) boarded a new plane that safely landed the large party of passengers in Miami. Little did she and her compatriots realize that this detour created an immigration incident for several of the passengers sending up a plethora of red flags. 

She stood in line for an additional 3 hours, without a bathroom break, before a gate agent assisted her in getting rebooked to travel home from Miami to Lubbock connecting in Dallas. 

All seemed well until she left the airport to hop a courtesy shuttle to her Holiday Inn oasis for the evening. This is when she narrowly avoided a Miami International incident when 3 Holiday Inn shuttle drivers (from different hotels) were hugely discourteous to her as she stood in the rain trying to make her way to her hotel for the night. 

Clearly they did not realize she is a Gold IHG member nor that she would lodge formal complaints with each of their hotels at check-in after she had to catch a cab to get to where she needed to be this evening.

On a positive note: She may have recruited a new highly skilled worker to move to West Texas because the only work he could find in Miami was driving a cab with his degree from Miami U.

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