Transformative Thursdays: The Beauty of the Storm

Fierce winds. Dark skies. Turbulent waters. Boisterous thunder. Lightning bolts. No sun in sight. Storms.

Bad doctor’s report. Uncertain future. Job layoff. A miscarriage. Loss of your mother. Failed business. Loneliness. Storms.

We’ve all experienced the fear that a storm can bring whether it’s a storm of nature or a storm of life. Fear comes from the evil one and attempts to cripple us from moving forward. It causes us to stay focused on what’s around us rather than what’s before us. It paralyzes us from taking the next step towards the promise of light. We lose sight of the end result. Our hope wavers. The light we once had has left.

The challenge in the storm is to press on. To not give up. To believe tomorrow will be better than today. To hold on to the smallest ray of sunshine.

The Word promises trouble may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. The storm never lasts forever. The sun will shine through after the storm passes. The key to seeing the sun lies in walking through the darkness of the storm. We can’t afford to lose our hope because our foundation is in Christ. Those who give up during the storm never see the beauty and tranquility of the rainbow. Don’t allow the storm to dictate your actions. Ride it out with faith and hope knowing that there’s a beautiful sun waiting to shine on you.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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