auReality – Part 1

Gold Manequin

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“She’s dead! Oh God, what have I done!”

Struggling to draw breath a young woman leans her back against the hard brick exterior of the dark alley. Water seeps through her worn slippers and the foul stench of rot invades her nostrils causing her to gag. Her stomach rolls and spews what little food had recently occupied her body knocking her to her knees.

She hears the front of her frock rip and feels the sting of pain from the stones that met her knees upon her fall. Her stomach raw and tender seems to have calmed for a moment but the effort has left her legs feeling like lead. The rage has faded but what remains…shock, fear.
Her vision blurred, she steadies herself and slowly climbs to a standing position. Looking around she sees no one with her in the cobble-stoned alley though the lack of moon and stars makes it difficult to tell. About 50 yards to her right she sees the faint glow of a street lantern. She stumbles toward the light. Nearing the opening she hears voices, male by her guess. She hesitates briefly before realizing she has no choice but to seek their help.

Stepping into the light, she realizes her mistake too late. Before her are two smooth faced, golden hued, human-type mannequins glowing against the dark light, each hovering slightly above the ground.

You were not approved for that action, Human 314. You must come with us.

Instinctively the woman turns to run and feels something sharp pierce her back as everything around her starts glowing brightly until her vision is filled with blinding, yellow light. She whispers, “Oh God” and loses consciousness.
~ Marta C. Youngblood

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