You Put WHAT in Your Mouth?!?

Picture this…it’s Saturday morning and you’re out early trying to beat the crowds at the grocery store. As you approach a young mother with a wee one in her cart’s buggy seat, you notice the babe is chomping down and going to town on the shopping cart handle like it’s the last meal he’ll ever have. The mother is completely oblivious that this is going on but you stand transfixed as a large catalog of germs and bacteria begin to race before your eyes.
Did your know that a baby’s favorite teething device could be the handle of a shopping cart? I watched this phenomena with great concern as the distracted Mom totally missed the scene. The mother (and grandmother) in me moved to bring her attention to what was going on. She seemed offended, then embarrassed as she turned and told the child to stop. As soon as she turned her back to him again; however, he was back in business chomping down on the cart handle that his mother made no attempt to disinfect.

Here are a few things this mother could have done to protect her child (and herself) from unnecessary exposure to a very public surface

1. Use safe disinfecting wipes to cleanse these carts before use. Guess what, if you left yours at home, chances are they have some more you can buy in the store as well as hand sanitizer. Keep some in your car as well because you never know when they’ll come in handy.

2. Bring clean and safe teething objects to accommodate your child’s need to chew. Remember to avoid choking hazards or materials that are otherwise deemed dangerous. And remember to clean these items regularly.

3. Remember no matter how good a bargain you may find, pay attention because the most precious cargo in that cart is your child.

These things may seem very basic, but we shouldn’t assume that everyone just knows this stuff.

For more tips on how to make regular chores like grocery shopping less stressful with young kids, tune in next week.

Dr. Marta


3 thoughts on “You Put WHAT in Your Mouth?!?

  1. Isn’t it something what we can learn from others, I, too, as a first time mom many moons ago would take offense to people telling me what to do for my daughter, but never when it came to her being healthy. I’m not how I would have responded, but I do know you can’t help everyone!


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