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Karl and Bosey take a short timeout from their pickup  game.  Resting on the bleachers, Karl pulls a picture out of his wallet.

“Check out my girl man.”

Bosey looks surprise to see who it is.  Karl notices.

“Dag man! I know she’s fine and all but close your mouth before you start drooling.”

Regaining his composure, Bosey responds.

“What you doin’ wit that picture of Katrina?”

“She and I have been dating for about two months now.  I think it’s pretty serious for her.  I know it is for me.”

What he mean serious? He can’t be in love with her! I love her.  We grew up together.  We best friends.  We share each others secrets. I thought we did.  Apparently not.  She didn’t share this one. Bosey speaks with agitation in his voice.

“What ‘chu mean man?”

Karl smiles and speaks in a gentle, affectionate tone.

“You know.  Serious. I love her.  I really love her.”

Bosey, speaks as calm as possible.

“Let’s git back to da’ game man.  Katrina ain’t serious ’bout ‘chu.  She woulda’  told me.  She ain’t serious ’bout nobody but Katrina.  ‘Sides, you ain’t never been serious ’bout nothin’ in yo’ whole life.”

Karl speaks with a look of confusion and hurt on his face.

“Bosey.  I know about your relationship with Katrina.  She told me how special you are to her.  You know you are my bruh and we will always run together.  I appreciate how you look out for Katrina and I hope that we can all hang together.”

Bruh!  Really?  The three of us hanging out?  Bruh!  You wit my girl!  MY GIRL!  Forcing a smile.

“You know it Bruh!  Let’s play!”


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