Taking Charge of Life’s Little Changes

This post is going to be all over the place, I can just feel it. But I’m just gonna give it like it comes. It’s a little bit about embracing my love of walking, life changes and doing things that matter to me.

Yesterday marked my return to the pavement. I must confess, walking outside is one of my guilty pleasures. Walking, not running. Don’t get me wrong, the rush that comes with jogging/running is awesome, but I enjoy walking more for a very simple reason.

Walking gives me a chance to slow down and appreciate the world around me.

For a person who moves as fast as I do, slowing down is a very big deal. I can sometimes get so locked into something that I lose my grip on time. I’ve forgotten to eat on a regular basis. I’ve even pushed myself to a point of pure insomnia that took weeks to recover from because I allowed myself to become consumed by a project.

Walking is my defense against the dark art of workaholism.

So it was fitting that I made my way back onto the pavement with my first HRC #Protronus5K yesterday. Leave it to the #Potterhead community to motivate me and get me back out on the pavement. I’m even stepping up my game linking up with #CharityMiles to do some good for causes that are important to me.

I left the pavement in favor of sporadic gym time a little over a year ago after a horrific act of violence stole my feeling of safety and security. A dear friend was kidnapped and murdered in broad daylight. Just knowing that could happen to someone I knew made me horribly anxious about walking on my own. It has taken a long time for me to banish that fear and walk on my own again though I am even more cautious to walk with safety in mind.

And then Texas happened.

My husband and I began the transition of moving to West Texas in January 2015 and here it is October and we’re both here and settled.

Life in Lubbock has meant a lot of positive changes for me. I can walk to so many places that matter to me. I can walk to work, to the grocery store, to the nail shop not to mention restaurants.

Life in Lubbock has also led to massive stress reduction because I get to see my heart everyday again. Living 10 hours away from the love of your life totally sucks and I’m so glad that trial has come to an end. Longdistance living is such a reality for dual career households but the shorter the term, the better I say.

We also found a church that feels more like home than I have experienced in a VERY long time. The general friendliness of our community has also been pleasantly surprising. I didn’t realize how isolated I felt in my previous station. We get invited to gatherings and events and people look forward to seeing us (outside of work). Building real, local friendships is something we longed for and now we feel blessed to be in a place where we can see that happening.

I’m blessed to have peace in my life. Maintaining my total health, banishing stress and being intentional about my activities helps me to be a blessing to other people and that’s what I’m all about.

~ Marta C. Youngblood

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