Transformative Thursdays: I Can’t Live Without My GPS!

Since I’ve recently moved to an area I have been away from for several years, my GPS has become my best friend.  My job requires me to travel within the Northwest Arkansas area and I don’t have a clue where many of the places are.  My trust pretty much lies within my GPS.  And for the most part, it hasn’t let me down.

Today, I began thinking about what we did before we had GPS.  We were forced to rely on maps, atlases, asking people how to get there and more recently MapQuest directions.  These were all good sources, but it’s so much more convenient to rely on the GPS.

I took it a step further and began to reflect on who or what is really our GPS in life.  Who or what do we rely on for information and guidance in making decision?  Who do we trust to lead us to where we want to go?  Do we listen to the advice of friends or coworkers?  Do we trust our pastor or spiritual leader?  Do we only value the advice of our parents?  Do we listen to the “voice of reason” and see where it takes us? All of us has someone or something that we trust more than the others to guide us.  How many times have we gotten off track because we decided to take a different route or turn left instead of following the GPS that said turn right?  How many times have we messed up because we left home without the GPS and were unequipped for that day’s journey?  How many times have we endured extra heartache and frustration because we took what we thought was the shorter route which ended up having construction and traffic delays?

I’ve learned the best GPS we can have is the “still, small voice” within us.  The Spirit guides us into all truth and cannot lead us wrong.  When we begin to listen to other people or things FIRST, the “still, small voice” is overruled and we are on our own.  We are subject to our own misleading, shortcomings and limitations.  However, the “still, small voice” is a constant guide that leads us to the best life has to offer.  The choice is ours to select our GPS, but we must face the consequences that come with those choices.  Next time, you’re faced with a decision, or need guidance, simply trust the “still, small voice” first.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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