The Kryptonian Konspiracy PT 5

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The first shots whizzed by Noc’s ears, and he stood completely still, lest the next bullet find it’s target. The next shots came rushing by, and they, too, missed their targets. Noc looked hurriedly around, trying desperately to locate Lona. When his eyes finally found her, they widened in fear. Though Lona was hidden, having taken cover behind a tree, he could clearly see streams of crimson flowing from her arm. Even with her apparently applying pressure, it was doing nothing to stem the flow of blood.

“I have to get to her,” he thought, but the bullets were flying too frequently now.

He was pinned, and he knew it. Looking down, he checked the time on his watch and frowned.

They should be here by now”, he thought frantically.

Suddenly there was a rush of wind, and he heard several guard grunt in agony.

It happened again.

And again.

When Noc peeked around the trees again, he smiled nervously, and then breathed in a sigh of relief. Looking toward Lona and catching her frightened stare, he winked, as if to assure her that things were alright. His eyes turned back toward the areas where the soldiers had once kneeled firing their plasma rifles. They were no more. They only thing that he found in that space were their crushed weapons. An explosion behind him shocked him, but he slowly stood up and walked out into the open. Holding his hand to his forehead to shield his eyes, he saw the yellow sun shining brightly in the sky. Then he heard the loud thud of something hitting the ground behind him.

Turning, his eyes glowed in approval as he saw his creations standing there, awaiting his next commands. Gleaming in the sunlight now, their solar panels absorbing energy to replace what they had, stood the secret work of Noc, and his partner.  Noc walked slowly closer to them. They stood about the height of a man, covered in metal composites, and whatever other minerals could be naturally harvested from their planet. Covering their backs were solar panels, which now hummed as the rays from the planet’s yellow sun fed them steadily. Noc had known the day would come when they would need protecting, and while the yellow sun had had an effect in altering their physiologies down to a cellular level, he knew that they would need something more. First, they found a green rock just beneath the surface of the jungles there, that occurred in large supply.  As they set to work on brainstorming the possible uses of the rock for defense purposes, they were also able to incorporate the energy of the yellow sun to enhance it’s properties. As a result, something more developed.

They discovered that they had not simply made a defense grid.

They discovered that they could create the ultimate weapon.

Thus, Project: Krypton was born.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

5 thoughts on “The Kryptonian Konspiracy PT 5

  1. I am really feeling this series! It feels a lot like a choose your own adventure or a “what if” kind of situation. I love wondering “What happened before the ‘story’ begins?” Sometimes prequels really suck but sometimes they can be fun and breath new life into a cherished story line. Now I want to know how Kryptonite came to be harmful to the race that Superman was born into. Seriously, I need to know how this ends!

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