Super Moon, Friends and Reflections of Endless Wonder

I take great comfort in knowing that so many of my Facebook friends nerded out along with me over last night’s lunar eclipse. I watched with glee as people posted pictures of this super moon from points all over the globe and it made me scrap what I had planned to right today for something a little more cosmically reflective.

1. I’m glad that we have NASA. 

I really am. The spacey parts of NASA’s mission help keep people excited about science and the dogged pursuit of things unknown. Space very much lends itself to being a dream factory as we consider what all is “out there”.

2. The capacity for endless wonder still exists.

Reality TV has not succeeded in killing our ability to excite ourselves with the beauty of nature and science. Some people looked up from their back yards, others like my hubster and myself chased the moon until we cleared the clouds just to get a glimpse of that beautiful image. 

3. We need more moments like last night.

As a human race we need to take time to pause and reflect on things that can unite rather than divide us. Whether it’s stargazing, volunteering, schooling, working together, we need to spend more time learning how to fellowship with one another in peace and love. 

The degree of animosity that we are dosed with daily is a choice made by each person who chooses to engage in useless, destructive practices of hatred. We can continue to choose these pointless actions or we can choose to look up and see our way to becoming our best selves. We can become the super people we were born to be.

~ Marta C. Youngblood 

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